Our vision, objectives and priorities



A Sustainable World-class Built Environment

This means we build using economically and ecologically sound methods that are socially sustainable, and that have among the lowest life cycle costs in the world.


An attractive, fair and safe construction industry

The construction and civil-engineering industry should be characterised by social responsibility and be attractive, fair and safe – an industry for the future that is continuously developing and of good repute.

Our priorities

Attractive collective agreements

The Swedish Construction Federation endeavours to negotiate attractive and competitive collective agreements. In interaction with trade unions, we will continue to promote the Swedish model with collective agreements that are easy to apply by the industry’s employers and that contain solutions that benefit both businesses and employees. The Swedish Construction Federation wants as many companies as possible to sign collective agreements, partly to ensure fair competition, and partly to safeguard conditions and the work environment for company employees. 

Skills supply

Capacity in the construction industry is threatened by the large wave of retirements at the same time as demand is on the increase. There is already an acute skill shortage in certain sectors and the recruitment base must be broadened. The Swedish Construction Federation will therefore continue its efforts to convince more people to apply to the industry’s training programmes, at various levels, and to strive to increase diversity in the construction industry. We are working for an attractive and inclusive construction industry that welcomes employees of different genders and ethnic backgrounds.

Fair competition

The Swedish Construction Federation’s membership companies want simple laws and rules that are easy to follow. It should be easy to do the right thing, in order to strengthen and ensure the effectiveness of fair competition. Undeclared labour and cheating must never be profitable. This is why applicable regulations and tools, such as follow-up and effective sanction systems, must be both developed and monitored. Fair competition creates just and attractive business conditions for the industry and more secure jobs for employees.


The construction and civil-engineering industry must take responsibility for the climate and work towards sustainable construction that is energy and resource-efficient with minimal negative impact on the environment, health and the climate. To achieve this, we must contribute to initiatives to promote the right expertise, greater knowledge and new technology, as well as clear and predictable rules and requirements.

Sustainability also concerns employees in the industry, prioritising the work environment so our workplaces become attractive, pleasant and safe. Our vision is for zero accidents at our workplaces.