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Today, more than 3,900 companies that are active in the Swedish construction and civil-engineering industry are members of the Swedish Construction Federation (Byggföretagen) Together we pursue a number of issues in order to promote development of the construction sector and sustainable building of societies of world class. 

Do you want to know more about being a member of the Swedish Construction Federation?

Fill out our application and we will contact you.

You can also contact our Members group by phone on 08-698 58 50 or by e-mail. This also applies if you need to change an address or other details in our membership file.

The Swedish Construction Federation strives to promote a healthy construction industry by safeguarding ethical business practices and quality in construction. We want to be well-organised with the help of laws and rules that apply to all the companies in the sector.

We also work for safe work sites with no injuries or accidents, as well as for modern employee agreements that give the individual more control over their work situation and personal development.

Our operation is based on three principles; the Labour market, Economic policy and Member service.

The Swedish Construction Federation is active throughout Sweden, with a central office in Stockholm and 25 offices from Luleå in the North to Malmö in the South.

As a member you can contribute at local level at the construction association’s AGM. The association’s targets and priority operations are decided upon at the annual federation meeting.

Healthy competition in a healthy construction industry

In order to become a member of the Swedish Construction Federation the company must follow the criteria that has been determined by the federation’s board. All member companies must also sign the association’s code of conduct which has been in place since 1 June 2014.

As a member, the company must adopt the social planning sector’s ethical rules, that aim to ensure that the organisation’s member companies conduct themselves and operate in such a way that the construction sector constitutes a respected part of Swedish industry.

Member benefits

The Swedish Construction Federation offers a large number of member benefits. Some examples are free advice regarding the work environment and safety as well as in disputes and negotiations, discounts on training, favourable purchasing agreements and cheaper insurance.