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Code of conduct


The Swedish Construction Federations Annual General Meeting (Byggstämman) resolved in May 2013 to introduce a Code of Conduct for all member companies. The Code requires member companies and their employees to comply with laws and regulations and work for healthy competition and up-to-date relationships both within the company and in relation to customers and suppliers.

The Code of Conduct is included in The Swedish Construction Federations criteria for membership after June 2014. Deviation or omission to act in accordance with the Code of Conduct can, as a last resort, constitute grounds for exclusion from The Swedish Construction Federation.

To support and help those companies who so wish, Byggbranschens Utbildningscenter, offers a half-day training course free of charge for member companies. Read more about the course (swe)

The Swedish Construction Federation will also appoint an “ethics coach” who will support member companies with help and good advice as required.

The Code of Conduct requires The Swedish Construction Federations member companies to…

  • Work for healthy competition with tenders, quotations, offers, procurements and purchasing and to counter improper influence, bribes, price collusion, cartels, misuse of market dominance and various kinds of manipulation of tenders, quotations and offers aimed at distorting competition. 
  • Perform correct accounting of financial transactions and counter undeclared work, other financial criminality and influence from illegal activities. 
  • Act correctly and not offer or arrange trips, give gifts or other services that cannot be reviewed or reported openly. This also applies to receiving such items. In accordance with the standards of the Business Code of the Swedish Anti-Corruption Institute ( 
  • In relation to customers and suppliers, make it clear that the principles of this Code of Conduct shall be applied mutually. Agreements entered into shall be adhered to and applied correctly. 
  • Perform assignments professionally and conform to decisions by the Swedish National Board for Consumer Disputes (ARN) and court judgments.