E-learning course to reduce occupational accidents


The Swedish Construction Federation has, together with its member companies, sister organisations and trade unions in the construction and installation sector, created an interactive e-learning course. The aim is to increase knowledge and awareness of risk management, attitudes and rules for reducing the number of near-accidents and accidents at our construction sites. The Swedish Construction Federation has previously adopted a zero vision for accidents, and this e-learning course is another step towards this goal. The course is available in both Swedish and English.

We follow people who work at construction sites over the course of an hour and encounter the various everyday but risky situations that they are faced with. Our own knowledge and insight as a bystander and a course participant are tested. During the course, we witness how work methods and insight change and make the people in the film more aware of both risks and attitudes.

In fact, attitude is a recurring theme throughout the entire e-learning course, which is divided into three main parts: identifying risks, well-being at work and working in the right way.

At the final stage of the course, participants can choose to take a test and receive a certificate.

The e-learning course can also be used in a school context to establish a foundation for an improved safety culture at this early stage.

Safe construction training in different languages.